Still Not Doing Assessments? 5 Reasons You Should Be


With the summer vacation season winding down most of us are looking to ways to make the fall the best sales season it can be.  Our customers are doing the same. With the kids back to school our customers and prospects are rolling up their sleeves and will be in the mood to get some things done.  The race is on!  On your marks, get set….

Not so fast.  Before you pick up the phone or send an email about your latest and greatest product offering and before you just do the same ol’ same ol’ that you were doing before the summer vacation period took off, ask yourself this: What could I be doing better? How can increase the odds of customers taking my call, and even better, choose my offering over my competitors?  The answer: Assessments.  If you’re not doing them already, here are 5 reasons you should be:

Your resume is dusty: Unless you own your own business, odds are you aren’t going to work at the same place forever.  I speak with a ton of recruiters and one of the hires they are always keeping an eye out for are MPS Specialists.  Sales professionals that do an assessment and understand the tools and the methodology of an assessment based sale.  Incorporating assessments into your sales process will make you a much more sought after candidate should the time ever come when you are on the market again.

Your competitors are:  Are you old enough to remember when having power locks, power windows and cruise control features were “optional?”  Not anymore.  Once the bar is raised, and the features have enough mass appeal, things that were optional become the norm.  Assessments, whether you like it or not, are the norm.  My business is assessments and I can tell you that the number of general sales reps using our tool sets is way up.  The days of the “assessment specialist” are fading away and everyday sales professionals are using assessments to win more business.  It’s time you caught up.


Because assessments make selling fun again:  Maybe I’m alone, but I need to constantly find new ways to make what I do for a living fun.  One way to do that is to learn how to do new things, things that make each sale unique and rewarding.  Assessment selling does that.  They make selling more fun, rewarding, and fruitful. The good news is that the tool sets required to do assessments are easier than ever to learn and use.  You know what’s really fun? Winning!  Assessments can increase win rates from an average of 30% before doing them to over 70% when using them!  That’s a lot more smiling.

In the age of big data, accuracy and insight matters:  You can’t turn your head without seeing or reading about some new use for big data.  Your customers are using their own data to make better decisions and to streamline how they work.  It only makes sense that if you want to keep rubbing shoulders with the people that buy your stuff that had better be using their data in new and insightful ways as well.  Assessments are much more accurate in telling a story about your customers printing habits and far less prone to manual error.  The data is there, it is accurate, and all you need to do is learn how to help your customers make the most of it.


Your customer is doing new things that they haven’t told you about:  Our customers aren’t sitting still and they are likely embarking on either investigating or incorporating new digital workflows.  These workflows could impact how they print and copy in ways that are positive for them but negative for you.  Digital workflow usually helps people to print less (a LOT less) which means your traditional bread and butter is going to take a hit.  You need to use assessments to uncover what kinds of new initiatives your customers are embarking on and find ways to insert yourself and your company into the mix, likely in new and different ways.  They may already be speaking with your competitors about digital workflow, document management and other non-paper related processes.  Don’t get left behind because you didn’t ask the right questions.  Do assessments!

There are a ton of other reasons why you should be doing assessments and I encourage you to sit down and think about them.  Make notes.  Most importantly, start doing them as soon as humanly possible.  You’ll be glad you did.

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