The Most Ridiculous Product Innovations of 2018


With summer winding down we at DOCassess thought it would be fun to look at some other things that should definitely be wound down, and fast!  Innovation is an incredible thing, it moves our world forward in so many ways, at least most of the time. There are times, however, when a person is left in shock at things we can’t believe were invented in the first place.  2018 was a bang up year from some , ahem, incredible innovations. Here are some of the ones we can’t believe saw the light of day:

The Internet Connected Microwave:  Are you tired of simply watching that thawing steak or popcorn bag spin round and round in the microwave? Well now you don’t have to suffer!  Thanks to Whirlpool, you can now talk to your microwave while you wait! Their microwave oven boasts Alexa and WIFI connectivity. All for around $620.  I think I’ll stick with the $250 version without connectivity and talk to my family while I wait instead.


Woof Woof

No more barking


Shiatsu Massage Shoes:  Thanks to the folks at Fittop, the expression “My dogs are barking” is no more!  These magical shoes will massage your feet as you walk along. They are also bluetooth connected so you can… well, I have no idea why they are bluetooth connected, but it sounds cool, right?  Call me a luddite but I think I’ll just spend $50 on some orthopedic inserts and have a free foot soak at the end of the day.

Bodycam For Babies:  Be sure to capture every goo goo and gaa gaa with this new bodycam for babies by Babeyes!  Now you don’t just have to clean up projectile pablum vomit, you can capture every drop in full HD!  If you’ve ever wondered what your infant is up to when you’re not around, now you don’t have to. Of course you could always just hold your baby and take care of it, but that is sooooo 2017.  They have to grow up sometime, right?


Smart Suit: Now you don’t have to settle for just dressing smart, thanks to Samsung, you can take smart to the next level!  The Samsung NFC (Near Field Communication) suit will allow you to digitally swap business cards with a swipe of your sleeve and pay for that quad shot latte without ever interrupting the business call you are rocking!  It’s already on sale in Korea for $500, far less than some of the dumb jackets I’ve been guilty of buying. Unless you consider a smart jacket dumb, then I did just fine.

PaperLab In-Office Recycler:  Epson has done a lot of innovating in the last few years and is making inroads with inkjet technologies that are highly affordable and look great!  No matter how good a print job looks, around 27% to 30% of all printed pages end up in the recycling bin. Epson’s answer: Recycle it right in your office! The unit can produce a recycled sheet of paper in about 5 seconds for a cost of around .0044/page (not including the cost of the PaperLab unit itself, not sure what that costs…).  Okay, maybe this one doesn’t belong in this list. Let’s revisit this one in 2019 and see if it’s promise of inexpensive DIY recycled paper holds up. On paper (pun intended) this one is actually really cool.

Nobody said innovation always produces winners!  Now it’s your turn. What new products or innovations have you seen in 2018 that made you wonder “what on earth were they thinking?!”. We look forward to you adding to our list!

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