3 Reasons You Should Pay Attention To The Konica Minolta "One Rate" Program

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Konica Minolta, it seems, is causing quite a stir in the office equipment channel.  Details are still a bit fuzzy, but their “OneRate” offering is definitely raising some eyebrows.  It is an end-user program that is Cost Per Page free. One device. One flat monthly fee. Period.  

It’s not the first time we’ve seen this.  OEM’s at the Enterprise level have been doing similar things for a few years now.  And you’d have to have been sleeping under a rock if you haven’t heard of Print Audit’s SBB Road Shows.  Some of these models are based on a per user basis, some on a per device basis, but one thing is exactly the same no matter who is doing it: Cost Per Page is out.  

For Konica Minolta, the OneRate program didn’t just come out of nowhere.  A pilot program was run in Canada under the name of “OnePrice” (you can see a YouTube video HERE) back in 2017.  Was this a pilot program to test customer adoption rates? I’m not sure.  But one thing is for sure: The new OneRate program is here to stay and it’s causing a lot of commotion.

Is this new program something you need to pay attention to?  Yes.  Here are 3 Reasons you need to get to know this program, and fast:


Konica Minolta

is growing fast

Konica Minolta is growing:  Check out their acquisitions page and you’ll see that 2018 has been a busy year for this OEM.  They’ve acquired at least 4 companies including MWA Intelligence, VioPoint, and Techline Communications.  Revenues are growing too.  In the 3rd quarter of 2017 they grew by double digits whilst many other OEMs floundered.  This growth isn’t necessarily coming from print as their most recent acquisitions illustrate: They are growing into something bigger and more diversified than just an MFD manufacturer.



= customer satisfaction

Simplicity Is Hot:  If you look at most of the disruptive business models out there like Uber, AirB&B, and NetFlix, they all have a couple of things in common: Simplicity and improved user experience.  Consumers and businesses alike are looking to simplify non-mission critical aspects of their lives and their workplaces.  Cost Per Page requires a lot of expertise, both on the part of the office equipment dealer and the end user, to ensure counts and payments are correct.  Konica Minolta’s OneRate program does what a lot of disruptive programs do: They simplify the buying experience and improve the customer experience by making everything simpler.  



Is the new normal...

Times Change: Cost Per Page isn’t going anywhere soon.  That being said, change is constant and the office equipment channel can’t rest on its laurels.  We all need to be innovating and ensuring that what we are offering hits the mark with the customer experience and preferences.  I’m not saying the sky is falling, but I am saying that if we want to grow we need to pay attention to the changes in customer buying preferences and not just fluff off new offerings like OneRate and SBB.  We can be change agents or victims of change agents.  I know which one I would prefer to be.

The Konica Minolta OneRate program illustrates clearly that our industry is vibrant and healthy but also moving through dramatic reinvention.  For those of us looking to grow, the Konica Minolta OneRate reminder is a good example of how innovation never sits still.  We can try to punch holes in the offering or we can come up with innovations of our own that wow the customers even more.  The best defense is a good offense, right?

Share your thoughts!  Do you think the offering is all hype and no substance? Has OneRate inspired you to fine tune your business model? Your opinions count and we want to hear them!

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