5 Make or Break Traits To Look For In An MPS Specialist

Not all MPS Specialists are created equally.  

Not all MPS Specialists are created equally.  

You know that you will win more MPS business if you have the right specialist to help your sales team to properly manage and support the sales cycle but finding the right candidate can seem daunting.  We'll share with you the top 5 characteristics of a great MPS Specialist so you can hire right the first time.

Okay, let’s begin!  I know, finding the right candidate for an MPS Specialist can feel like looking for Unicorns on Mars: Impossible, right? No!  I’ve worked with a lot of great MPS Specialists over the years as dealerships made the move to assessment based selling using the DocAssess suite of tools.  Here are 5 of the traits I’ve seen in all of the great ones:

technical acumen.jpeg



But not tooooo techie.

  • Technical Acumen:  If they don’t know what TCIP and SNMP are and how printer information is collected from a MIB table, show them the door.  I’m not saying they have to be I.T. specialists but they should know the basics. They will be working with I.T. folks and need to command enough of an understanding of what they do for a living to earn their respect.


  • Sales Acumen:  A good MPS Specialist has some sales experience.  Even though they may have some technical acumen, they love looking for sales opportunities more than anything else.  If they don’t have any sales experience, again, show them the door.  They don’t need to be complete sales sharks but they must understand that every assessment we do is about helping customers AND our revenue goals.


  • Lifelong Learners: When is the last time they took a course?  If they are 32 and the last bit of formal learning or training they took was their diploma or degree from a decade ago and they haven’t read a book since they got out, well, you know what to do: Show them the door.  You’re not looking for somebody trying to get a PHD, but you need to know that they love to learn.  Workflows, digital disruptors, Artificial Intelligence, and XaaS are changing MPS at breakneck speed.  If they aren’t learning, they’re not selling.

Tools matter

Do they use them?


  • Experience using software tools: At DocAssess we are big proponents of our own suite of MPS and business-level assessment tools.  Why? Because they help improve close rates and margins!  We’ve made our tools simple and intuitive but there are some people who can’t use FaceBook or Instagram.  If they don’t have some kind of experience using software tools, well..  The tools don’t have to be assessment tools.  They could be complex video editing suites, audio editing tools, anything that requires using a keyboard and data to produce something good.


  • References from respected Industry contacts:  In the office equipment world, there are a TON of industry experts that have a lot of contacts.  Think West McDonald, Larry Lavine, Brian Stevenson, Doug Johnson, Greg Walters, Bob Palmer, to name a few.  Of course you can always feel free to reach out to me as well, I work with a lot of dealers and have helped to build a lot of great MPS practices.

There you go, 5 great characteristics to look for in your next MPS Specialist!  I’m not saying the search will be easy, but by ensuring they have all of these traits you’ll hire right first time and your MPS program will thank you!

What about you? Have you successfully hired the best MPS specialist out there and want to share a few of your own insights? We want to hear from you so leave you comments and join the conversation!

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