The Future Doesn’t Suck. 6 Reasons We Know The Best Is Yet To Come


There is an ancient Chinese blessing which says “May your enemy live in interesting times.”  Replace the word “interesting” with “uncertain” and you pretty much get the gist of it.  If you’re in the office equipment industry there is no doubt that we live in interesting times. From the recent news of a giant like Xerox entering into an interesting (remember what to replace that word with) position with Fuji to an interesting trend in declining pages in an office equipment world ruled by CPP.  There is the tendency in times like these to feel a little interesting.

The good news, however, is that these interesting times are filled with opportunity.  One only needs to keep perspective and keep an eagle eye out for the good stuff.  So, without further ado, here are 6 reasons that it doesn’t suck to be an office equipment dealer in the near future:

  1. SBB (Seat Based Billing) is a real thing now:  If pages are in decline per user (IDC predicts double digit declines within 3 years!), maybe all you need to do is change how you bill.  SBB is gaining traction and there are plenty of pioneers who have already validated the model. Not only is the model resistant to declining pages but it offers a launchpad for other SBB offerings like document management and managed services.

  2. Color is more affordable and easier than ever:  With color page costs declining it is far more likely that customers will worry less about doing less of it.  Affordable color should inspire a dramatic increase in color volumes and color revenues.  This new penchant for color everything should more than offset any revenue losses from declining page volumes.

  3. Document management isn't hard anymore:  It used to be that document management was too complicated to price and deliver.  Offerings like PlacePoint are priced per user and gets a customer up and running in days, not weeks or months.  The revenue opportunities for document management is often greater than that offered by managed print services.

  4. Managed services is cloudy: You may have tried offering managed services in the past and given up.  It’s time to turn that frown upside down and try again because there are a plethora of new cloud based options for everything from network monitoring and management to cybersecurity!  There is a trend towards “everything as a service” and your customers are more ready than ever to outsource the management of their I.T. infrastructure.

  5. Dealers are buying other dealers: The age of the “mega dealer” is upon us in the office equipment space as companies like MARCO continue to buy up smaller regional dealers. If you are one of those smaller regional dealers you are looking pretty attractive right now to a lot of these Mega-dealers.  Not ready to throw in the towel?  Re-read points 1-4 and get ready for some fantastic growth.

  6. Regular assessments & QBRs are finally a thing:  Yeah, a little bit of a plug for what we do.  Assessments and QBRs are easier and more repeatable than ever.  From mappin of assets, TCO calculations and future-state recommendations, DOCassess has you covered.

With so many exciting opportunities for the growth of your office equipment dealership hopefully you are feeling a little less interested and a lot more excited.  I’m not saying it’s going to be a walk in the park, but when has it ever been?  We’re all in this together and the future is looking very bright.

Now it’s your turn!  What other opportunities have you been following? What gets your nose closer to the windshield in the morning? Share your thoughts and ideas, we can’t wait to hear them!


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