Assessing only Printers and MFPs? 5 Reasons You Need To Think Bigger

Being in the business of sales enablement I have seen a lot of assessments over the years.  It makes me smile to think about the early years when sales reps were carting around printed paper maps and spreadsheets on clipboards.  Assessments back then were really, really hard to do which explains why a lot of people didn’t bother.
Times have changed.  Assessments are easier to do thanks to advanced software tools.  Are you conducting managed print assessments today?  If you are, you’ve probably gotten really good at mapping and assessing printer and copier assets.  But the world is changing and you need to start thinking about more than just printers and MFPs if you’re assessments are going to remain powerful selling tools.  Here are the top 5 reasons you need to think bigger:

Your customer has more than just printers and MFPs: And that smells like money.  Talk to anybody in managed I.T. and they’ll tell you that over 90% of the money they spend has nothing to do with toner and printers.  As pages per user are now proven to be declining at a rate of 2% to 4% a year you’ll need to chase additional services to grow existing accounts.  Odds are you’ve already started a Managed I.T. practice so assessing the total environment will help you to find additional opportunities more easily and methodically.

Your competitors are doing it:  Successful hybrid dealerships are mapping and assessing printers, MFPs, switches, routers, desktop printers, servers, and other assets.  Most customers are required to get 3 proposals and the ones that take a more holistic approach are much more likely to win the business.  Don’t get left behind, especially when tools exist TODAY to put you ahead of the pack.


Workflow automation is a thing:  Customers are all about workflow automation right now, it’s a hot topic.  The printed page is only part of a complete business process/workflow and is often a bottleneck to automation.  You’ll need to understand the business logic of what people are doing so you can help streamline and automate workflow to make your customer’s life easier and more productive.  If you make one workflow easier and more productive for your clients you’ll be much stickier than your competitors and make it harder for them to try and take your business away.
You need to win over I.T.:  Talk to any Director of I.T. and they will tell you that they are strapped for resources and time.  Guess what they care about least when they’re stressed? Printers.  Guess what they care about most?  Everything else!  By mapping all of their other I.T. assets and creating a digital inventory for them you will earn their respect and attention.  Even if you don’t sell them anything other than printers or MFPs you’ll sell more because of the additional value add you provided to make their lives easier.  Sales today is about influence at many levels and winning over the I.T. department will go a long way to make the entire sales cycle go much smoother.

(Image compliments of , CC By 2.0)

(Image compliments of, CC By 2.0)

Because it’s easy!
Thanks to DOCassess  you already have the sales enablement tools to start mapping and assessing I.T. assets today.  We know assessments better than anybody and have modernized our toolsets to help you find and win additional revenue streams in your existing client locations today.  We all know it’s much easier to get additional dollars from existing customers than to garner new ones and our toolsets will help you to bridge the divide of becoming a converged services provider.   Don’t let an old fashioned “printer only” assessment slow down your growth or decrease your win rates.

Time stands still for nobody.  In the modern world Assessments are conducted with sophisticated tools.  They make the job simpler to do, ensure that less expertise is required (so more up and down the street sales reps can do them), and have been shown to take non-Assessment close rates of 30% or lower to a whopping 70%!  No wonders tools based assessments have become part of the standard sales kit at leading office equipment dealerships.  
Now it’s your turn! Have you already started doing more advanced assessments that include all I.T. assets?  Do you have your own stories about how using advanced assessment and sales enablement tools helped you to win some business?  Your voice matters and we invite you to leave your comments!

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