Assessing only Printers and MFPs? 5 Reasons You Need To Think Bigger

Assessments are easier to do thanks to advanced software tools.  Are you conducting managed print assessments today?  If you are, you’ve probably gotten really good at mapping and assessing printer and copier assets.  But the world is changing and you need to start thinking about more than just printers and MFPs if you’re assessments are going to remain powerful selling tools.  Here are the top 5 reasons you need to think bigger:

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Hitting Quota Got You Down? Do This Instead

Self driving cars.  Content on demand.  Drone shipments.  Rockets that come back.  The world is changing dramatically!  Is it any wonder that the old way of selling things may be taking a hit?  The good news is there's a more modern way to sell that increases win rates and can even shorten sales cycles.  Introducing assessment based selling. It you’re looking to crush quota and start winning more deals it needs to be your goto.  Read on to discover why.

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5 Ways Tools Based Assessments Are Helping Your Competitors to Crush It

As a copier dealer sales representative or managed print professional, you might have noticed it’s getting rough out there.  More and more competitors have entered the landscape and it seems that every deal you work on is being met with more questions and delays. Close rates are in decline and deal sizes are getting smaller.    It’s tough out there and only getting tougher, right?  Not for everybody.

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