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Its really very simple, our #1 focus is our customer experience! As a result we have 3 primary principles when it comes to current and future development, - innovate - simplify - automate.
— Mike Lamothe

Mike Lamothe, President of Office Document Consulting Inc

In late 2009 Mike Lamothe began consulting for a few dealers looking to begin offering Managed Print Services (MPS). In less than 6 months ODC - Office Document Consulting was formed with a mandate to educate and support Canadian and US dealers looking to offer MPS, Document Management, Solutions Selling and more. At the same time Lamothe hired developers to build a toolset that would assist and improve the sales reps success.


Joshua Chassé Director of IT & Lead Developer of DOCassess Suite of Products

Prior to 2009, Joshua Chassé worked as a business analyst and process automation expert for companies in the avionics industry. Bringing this knowledge and a programming background, Joshua joined the Office Document Consulting team in 2009. Joshua now leads development on the software suite of products as well as assists with integration and collaboration initiatives with industry leaders within Managed Print Services (MPS) and Managed Services (MS).



Review our complete history from DOCassess V 1.0 through to DOCassess Platinum V 3.0

In 2010 DOCassess Assessment Version 1.0  

Offering web mapping with current and proposed TCO and proposal generation. The workflow was based around manual data entry for both current and proposed states. 

1st generation docassess.png

In 2013 ODC introduced MPS in a tablet

In May 2013, MPS in a tablet was launched at Photizo Group`s 2013 MPS conference. MPS in a tablet was designed for use by sales reps to help educate, sell and manage MPS business. The tablet solution includes DOCassess mapping, interviews and our print environment balanced scorecard, links, videos and white papers for Remote Management Software, MPS contracts, lease agreements, service contracts, MPS presentations for enterprise and SMB accounts, e-Learning helping sales reps make the transition to selling MPS and other consultative solutions. Finishing with a CRM, Customer Relationship Management, keeping track of any interaction with each customer, storing it in a repository for current and future reference. 

DOCassess Assessment Version 2.0 2013

Advanced assessments up to 500 devices with web and 1st generation of mobile mapping. Importing RMS device data to help build current TCO, financial data entry manual proposed TCO with proposal generation


DOCassess Platinum 3.0 2016 

Our newest DOCassess version has fewer touch points, a number of automated processes, dynamic data integration, advanced mobile and web based mapping and a host of reports to support assessment findings, mapping reports, excel file reports and basic and advanced proposal docs. Platinum Assessment toolset built for SMB to enterprise accounts (one device to thousands of devices). Web and mobile mapping 3.0, mobile offline and multi users mapping at the same time, department colour coding. Dynamic data sync for device and users, automated current TCO, integration with dealer/OEM price book to populate proposed states, auto device/fleet optimization, advanced options for multiple languages, multiple currencies. A must see via a web meeting at your convenience.

In 2016 ODC introduced Digital Pitch-book Custom App Development

Our development team helps you build a sales app that provides all of the resources necessary to promote and sell your organization's products and services. We help design the look and and feel, then help with managing the content once the application is published. The app can be made available on iTunes, Google Play, PC, MacBook, Windows PC tablets.

New for 2017 - DOCassess Suite of Products

DOCassess Suite.png

In 2016 we decided to undergo a new branding initiative building off the strength of the DOCassess name and brand our customers have come to recognize. Part of that process was to launch this new website and keep you better informed as to our growth and new product releases.